I guess, I’m good at venturing my feelings through writing than saying it out loud—or I wouldn’t be here. Somehow, writing has been my outlet of emotions and maybe it’ll always be.

These written words I write speak when my mouth fails to say the feelings I want to convey. I write about anything under the sun but these past few weeks, I’ve been writing about this guy I met in an unusual circumstance. It’s like diving into a book and living the fiction life. The fiction life that feels much much better when it happens in reality. So bear with me if you find my posts so cheesy and sappy. I just need to write down the good stuff so when life becomes rough for the both of us, I can just scroll through this blog for good vibes and maybe my posts can be something I can hold on to. These posts will be a reminder for me that I love him so much. We need a constant reminder yano because people tend to forget. As what Colleen Hoover has written in her work called Maybe Someday: “People don’t get to choose who they fall in love with. They only get to choose who they stay in love with.” Always tell someone how much you love him or he means the world to you. It’s not only a reminder for him, it’s also a reminder to yourself. Do not lose the bond. Make time. A relationship should always be about you two. Be his Yin and let he be your Yang.