I hate how I can still remember so well the day I first saw you.
I hate how I always think of you since the day we met.
I hate it that you can give me too much butterflies when you smile.
I hate how you can make me so happy in just one text.

I hate how I appreciate your less-than-3-minutes calls so much.
I hate how Ed Sheeran songs remind me of you.
I hate it that I’m pretty sure of my feelings for you but I am quite confused of your feelings for me.
I hate myself for believing you despite my doubts.
I hate myself for taking risks.
I hate myself for thinking you’re worth it.
I hate it that I know it’s gonna break my heart when you say goodbye yet still give you my heart.

Posted by:vienna

vienna is a highly caffeinated writer who aspires to make a difference through her words; if she's not writing, she's probably reading books and fangirling over Bangtan.

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